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D1 Series

OTOFIX D1 Series Diagnostic Tablets

With its Android-based touchscreen tablet and its ODBII connector that plugs into your vehicle’s port (usually located beneath the dashboard), OTOFIX D1 diagnostics tools are your window into the mind of your vehicle. Admit it: You’ve already given your vehicle a name. You might as well start communicating with it directly.

D1D1 Lite
24 Service Functions24 Service Functions
All System ScanBasic Read Clear Code,
Live Data, Graphing In All Modules
Bi-Directional ControlsX
Active Test Special FunctionsX
Wireless Bluetooth ConnectionWireless Bluetooth

The OTOFIX D1 Advantage

What does that pesky Check Engine light mean? If only you could just make it go away. Well, now you can get the answer and solve the issue on your own. With the OTOFIX D1 series of automotive scan tools, you’ll know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. Then you can clear that irritating code and get back on the road.

OE-Level Diagnosis

for accurate DTC detection

One-Stop Cloud Services

like having an expert at your side

Extensive Coverage & Repairs

for most vehicle models

OE-level Diagnosis for
Accurate DTC Detection

  • Powerful, fast diagnosis for all vehicle systems
  • Quick vehicle identification using AutoVIN Technology
  • Bi-Directional Control for available components including actuators, valves, and pumps

D1 only

  • Guide Function following with DTC tips

(supports Volkswagen / Audi) D1 only

  • Support advanced features of Volkswagen and Audi including online coding, online IMMO, and rewrite hidden functions

(by subscription) D1 only

Easier Maintenance With
Comprehensive Services Functions

The nerve center of your vehicle is its on-board computer. It controls everything from your power windows, lights, and even your heated rear end. But the thing is, you can’t see this computer and there's no monitor or mouse. So, as computers go, it’s pretty lame, right? Nope, not true! Actually, it’s a super-intelligent device that your car manufacturer has intentionally kept hidden from you because they think you can’t handle its amazing powers. But with the help of an OTOFIX tool, you can absolutely handle it. And we're here to show you how.

Oil Reset

Injector Coding

Throttle Reset

DPF Reset

SCR Reset

Gear Learning

Clutch Learning

IMMO Reset


ABS Bleeding

EPB Reset

SAS Reset

Window Door Roof


Language Change



Chg Tire Size

BMS Reset


Airbag Reset



A/F Adjust

One-Stop OTOFIX Cloud Service Is Like
Having An Expert At Your Side


Remote expert service helps tackle all diagnostics troubles.

Share reports with just one click - obtain information anytime, anywhere.

Research, source and purchase parts from multiple platforms.

Extensive Coverage and Repairs
For Most Vehicle Models

Extensive diagnostics and repair services for thousands
of North America, Asian, and European vehicles.

D1 Series Downloads

User Manual

D1 & D1 Lite Quick Guide